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Some new freebies

Here are some new little ones for you to try out. Happy stitching.

This should be whipstitched together along the backstitch lines and form a small pyramid. You can fill it with lavender or other scent.

Just a simple geometric pattern for a card.

And a variation of the previous one - for the brave ones amongst us - I mean for those who don't hate backstitch and french knots. I actually like them. :)


Sari said...

I like to substitute French knots where possible with beads. You get quite interesting look easily. And a bit of glitter, maybe =)

Flossy said...

Very nice Agi, especially love the third one :D

Heidi said...

Love the pyramid. I think I need to save this to make in the summer months. I have no idea if I will get lavender from the plants here in our new house. They are looking old and worn but I would love to make this and fill it with the lavender. Thanks!

Hugs from Holland ~

Lostinblue said...

These are lovely Agi. I especially like the pyramid design. What a lovely idea to fill it with something nice like lavender.


Mia said...

First one almost ready, got an update pic in my blog :) Thank You again for these wonderful charts - I really love to stitch them :)

MysteryKnitter said...

These knock me out! I mean they are stunning, and that is why I could faint when I look at these.