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Some more of my cross stitches based on Hungarian patterns

I apparently made a mistake. I wanted to post this on the Hungarian folk art page but didn't manage and now don't know how I could put it there. Well, I will just have to put up with my inadequate blogging skills. :(

Some christmas ornaments stitched with folk art patterns but christmasy colours (not the one on the left but the other two).

This was just a play with a typical pattern in black and white. This is a common element in Hungarian patterns but I think it must be a really wide-spread motif since you can find it in so many other countries' folk tradition.

Some small gift bags I made when I went to Scotland. There was some chocolate and paprika in them. :)

A cushion pattern from Cigánd (I think I found this in the Keresztszemes magazin).

some close-ups:

This is a bookmark with a pattern from the area of Kis-Küküllő.

Some bookmarks with birds:

(this photo was taken before finishing the bookmark)

One more from Tard:

And one more with a peacock pattern and the first line of a Hungarian folk song:
Hungarian embroidery

I also started the so called Rákóczi-pattern, but I stitched it on gyöngyvászon (a type of evenweave) with perle and I didn't like it at all, the thread was too thick for the material, so I stopped. Have been planning to restart it ever since...


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