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"Bibiscornu" - a new type of biscornu

I have come up with another new type of biscornu and since it actually doubles the corners in a way, I called it a "bibiscornu" - but if anyone can come up with a better name, suggestions are welcome.

I am publishing quite a lot of free patterns here, but I thought that those that involve coming up with a new structure, not simply another cross-stitch chart, would be my "capital" - and I am trying to sell those. There hasn't been a huge rush to buy my patterns, so far I have sold 3 of them in more than half a year. I am not expecting much, to be honest, I know that most of us are out there on the hunt for more freebies. Why buy something when you can find similar patterns for free?

Still, I hope that some people who enjoy all the freebies, when they can afford, will also buy something, especially if that means something new, like the twisty biscornus you can find on the Patterns for sale page. Or the newest variation on the traditional one, the bibiscornu:

I still have to write the instructions, it will be available in a few days.