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Mini Valentine ornament - free pattern and tutorial

I created a small ornament with hearts on all sides. I named it Heart Pyramid, although it is rather a pyramid upside down :)

Here is the free pattern first, then I will show you with some photos how to sew it together.
Click on this picture to get the pdf file.

The red lines in the pattern should be done in backstitch, the blue lines should NOT be stitched but those are where you will fold the fabric.

Here you can see how I folded back the top of the fabric, all the way to the red line, then did the same with the bottom.

Then I folded back the triangle-shaped extra fabric between the motifs on the bottom part of the pattern, so that the red backstitch lines meet and can be sewn together. The next picture shows how this looks from the back side. Can you see that triangle of fabric folded back?

To sew I used whip-stitch going only under the backstitches, not in the fabric. Just as we do with biscornus. Except here we do the backstitch over two squares diagonally, so they are longer stitches than normally and I prefer to stitch them together with two whipstitches going under each backstitch. I love how it looks like lace.

Continue to sew together the backstitch lines.

Then fold in the extra fabric at both ends and sew together the two lines on the ends.

Then stuff the ornament with some fiberfill and stitch together the smaller triangles on the top, the same way, folding the extra white fabric to the inside. As you can see, I added a small red bead at each corner.

Finally, I added a few more beads and a little tassel at the bottom, and a cord at the top.

I hope you like it. It is much easier than it sounds, it can be done in an evening - just enough time until Valentine's day.

Happy stitching :)