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If you wish to use my patterns to stitch for charity, please, let me know.


Peacocks and a basket of flowers - Swedish pattern

Happy midsummer! Trevlig midsommar!

We had a fantastic midsummer celebration today. Love this Swedish custom.
So that all my readers can also celebrate with us, I have created a little pattern with old Swedish motifs: peacocks and a basket of flowers.

I am off to Hungary tomorrow, so if you don't see me for a while, that's the reason. But perhaps I can check in once in a while. Have a lovely summer, everyone.

Click on the picture to get the pdf.


New finishes and a wip

Here are the pictures I promised: I have finished stitching the runner I received from my boyfriend's mum who couldn't finish it because of her bad eyesight.

Sorry for the photos, they are not very clear.

I stitched this little fairy for a charity quilt. There is one more I need to do before I can send them.

And here is one of my wips. I have entered an embroidery competition. The topic is: how we can save the world with the help of embroidery. They have come up with some key-words, such as war, environment, solidarity, nuclear weapons etc.
I have made a pattern, or actually, I am still working on it but I have enough ready so I could start it. I am not going to show you the pattern but you can see photos of my work, so it won't be difficult to guess. :) It is an almost traditional sampler but with some modern elements.
I am using a fabric I bought in a second-hand shop, I think it is linen, quite rough, and there are some threads pulled out, as a pattern, kind of. It breaks the regularity of the stitching (which is, since it is linen, not very regular anyway) and I like the effect. It seems to reinforce the message. :)

I have also finished sewing the blouse I mentioned. Here it is, with some details:


Teamwork - cross stitch freebie

Hi, everyone, do you still remember me?
Yes, it is me, Ági. :D You know, the crazy woman with all the different textile techniques...
Anyway, I am back a bit. I have been busy with sewing and cross stitch but haven't made photos yet... I know, I know, soon.

Bur I have made a cross stitch pattern for all of you to enjoy. It would make a lovely decoration in an office or a gift to a colleague or a boss.

I am actually stitching a much bigger and more ornate version of this for my boss, not as a gift though, he has ordered it. Not as my boss, just privately, he will pay me for it. :) My first commission :)

I have also started another piece, a sampler that I am making for an embroidery competition - I am not sure if I can post pictures about it, but will check.

So, here is the pattern, as usual, click on the picture to get the pdf.