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Hungarian embroidery - on felt

I was at home last week with a really bad cold, and I had no energy to concentrate on anything. It was hard to read but I could not just lie idly, my hands need to be occupied with something.

I usually have a simple knitting for such occasions but I didn't have anything this time, and didn't want to start anything either because I have three on the go that are all put aside because I don't like them. Having a knitting block - but more about that in another post.

Anyway, I thought I can try embroidering something where I just draw some simple pattern and then follow the lines. Don't need to think or count. It worked so well that I was doing it all week.

I used some standard elements in Hungarian folk patterns, copying them from a cushion my mum made long ago, then I also tried a few that are not so traditional but I liked them. I used off-white felt and just some basic colours.

Here is the result:

Sorry about the hazy picture. There are a few that I embroidered again because Stephen liked them :)
They will be backed with red felt, the edges cut with zig-zag scissors, and I will add some stuffing and a cord. They will be featuring on the Christmas market. I know, it might be a bit early, but I start university next week, so I might not have too much time to prepare for the market.

I have also been doodling a bit on my cross stitch program. Soon coming back with another freebie.

Happy stitching.



And the winner is…

I am so sorry I didn't post earlier, I have been sick with a nasty virus or something, still not feeling very well.

Anyway, we have a winner for the giveaway:

So, Linda S, can you please send me your address so I can post your gift. My e-mail is palkoagi @ gmail.com - without the spaces, of course.

Thank you for all who took part.

As I am not well, don't work and can't concentrate much on reading either, I have been doing lots of embroidery, I will show you in a few days.

Until then, keep safe and don't catch the virus. :)

Happy stitching