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Valentine's Heart - free chart again

I seem to be carried away with my designing lately, I don't make one but a "series" right away. (This is how I eat apples - I never eat one, start with two and usually eat a third one as well.)

As a result, here is another free heart chart - this time with traditional, sampler-style love birds. Tell me what you think of it.

Happy stitching :)


Free blackwork pattern for Valentine's Day

I have been missing stitching blackwork, so I thought it was time to try and draw another pattern. I am planning to do a few hearts in different styles and different stitches, we will see if I have enough time and energy to do it.

Anyway, here is the first heart in blackwork. I hope you will like it and use it for some lovely gifts.

Here is my finished mobile phone case:

And here is my loom. I bought it in October but didn't have time to assemble it before the winter holidays. Then I was stuck for a while on how to hang the heddles. Then I found a really good video that helped me. Now it is ready to start the warping - as soon as I have enough energy.


Valentine's Day Biscornu

It does not often happen to me that I am prepared in advance. :D Now, however, I remembered that Valentine's Day is not so far away, about four weeks from today. That means there is still enough time to make a few little gifts.

What about a lovely biscornu in lovely pinks? Or, if you feel like purple or blue - go ahead, change the colours, pick your favourites, get creative :)

I got a bit carried away, couldn't keep the two sides in the same style, one is more controlled, symmetrical while the other is a bit whimsical - but I have a feeling it will look quite good when put together. There is place in the middle for a nice little button.

I think I am also going to stitch this soon but didn't want to wait until I have a finished product to photograph. Perhaps someone can stitch it before me? Race you? :D :D

Please enjoy, and send me a photo if you make it.

Click on the picture, as usual, to get the pdf download. In case you don't have Google and can't download it, write a comment and I will send it to you in an e-mail.


New Year - new projects

Here are some pictures of what I have done this year.

The dress, to be honest, I started last year, sometime in October. It was supposed to be a wrap dress, following this pattern but it didn't work out. First, I cut the fabric wrong, tried to sew together two pieces to have the right size but it didn't look very good. Then I could not follow the instructions in the tutorial, didn't understand how to sew together the sides (if someone can explain, I would be grateful). Anyway, I was so disappointed, I almost threw out the whole thing. But I just put it in a corner and promised to take it out again when I have calmed down.

So I took it out now, and instead of the wrap dress I just sewed it together in the middle and created a faux button plaque. It was too low in the neckline (after all I teach in a school) so I added that piece of lace. The front is shorter than the back, on purpose. I also decided to add some elastic in the sleeves. After all the problems, I think I did a good job, I am really happy with it. :)

This is a pajama top I made following a pattern I made from a favourite t-shirt that is too old now. I tried to add some embroidery with my sewing machine, I think it looks great.

Next I will make a t-shirt from a nicer knit fabric with the same pattern.

I couldn't resist buying the holder for my i-phone that you can do cross stitch on. Actually, I bought two. This is for my boyfriend, not ready yet. I just wanted you to know that you can unpick the stitching on the silicon and stitch again, even though they say in the instructions that it is not designed for that. I stitched the bird first upside down and decided to try to unpick. I wasn't easy, but not not impossible either.

And finally a square I am making for the charity quilts project I am helping, a Groovy Chick pattern. I am working on a second one right now, almost ready with that, too.

You gotta love long winter holidays!!! :D :D