Welcome to my blog. You can read about my adventures in different types of needlework, and I also offer some free
cross stitch patterns. Please, come back often. :)



PLEASE, NOTE: The designs on this site are copyrighted to Agnes Palko. They are for your personal use only. They may not be distributed or reproduced without permission.
If you wish to use my patterns to stitch for charity, please, let me know.


My book has arrived! Happy dance :)

I have been waiting for my complimentary copy of this book for a very long time. Finally it has arrived. It is a complimentary copy because one of my projects is in it! If you buy it, I am on page 83 :D I am going to write a review as soon as I get a chance to look through it.

Nagyon régóta várom a tiszteletpéldányomat ebből a könyvből.Végre megérkezett. Azért tiszteletpéldány, mert az egyik munkám szerepel benne. Ha megveszitek, a 83. oldalon keressetek :) Amint lesz időm végignézni, írok róla.


For some reason I cannot post a link. It doesn't work. So please, copy paste into your browser and look. It's worth it!

Valamiért nem tudom beilleszteni a linket. Úgyhogy másoljátok be a böngészőbe, és nézzétek meg. Érdemes!


Patterns for sale

I have been planning to create some patterns for sale for a while. I hope that those who like my free patterns, will perhaps interested in buying some of my design, too.

The "shop" opens with these two small patterns.

Square spiral with blackwork pattern:


Price: 5 Euros /45 SEK each.
For this price you will get en e-mail with the pattern and instructions on how to sew them together. You can pay with PayPal. Please, make sure to let me know which pattern you want and to what e-mail address I should send it.

I will also make a page with the patterns for sale where I can add more later.
Wish me luck. :)

Easter egg in blackwork - free pattern

Last year I designed an Easter egg in blackwork, so I thought I would like to do the same again. I have been wondering what look one can get using blackwork "assissi-style" that is stitching the background and leaving the pattern empty. Well, not empty in this case, but less full, anyway :) This is the result.

I think it is just the right size for a card or a door-hanging for welcoming guests. What is your opinion? I think it should be stitched in some bright spring colours. What colours would you choose?

Hope you enjoy stitching it. Please, share photos if you stitch it. :)


Spring square - free cross stitch pattern

I have stitched this little spring pattern at the weekend.
I used DMC linen thread. This was my first time using it, and I liked it - after getting used to it. :) I used L159 and L223 colours on a light beige Aida. Got the piece from a friend, so don't know exactly what shade it is.

Ezt a kis tavaszi mintát hímeztem a hétvégén. DMC len hímzőfonalat használtam, most először, L159 és L223 színekben. Az Aida halványdrapp, nem tudom pontosan, milyen árnyalat, kaptam egy barátnőmtől.

If you like it and would like to stitch it, here is the pattern:

Ha tetszik, és szeretnéd kihímezni, itt a minta:


Crazy quilting, crochet and knitting

These are the things I have been working on recently.

First, I finished my February crazy quilt block for CQJP. It is all made of old clothes and leftover pieces. I love the little flower I cut out from an old piece of lace and apliqued it on.

Then, I have re-knitted my boyfriend's sweater that was supposed to be a Christmas gift :( Now the shoulders are ok but the sleeves are just a tiny bit short. I am not sure if I will have the energy to take it apart and redo it again. He might just hang it in his wardrobe and look at it sometimes. :(

And finally, tomorrow is our national holiday, and since I don't have any ribbon with the Hungarian national colours, I crocheted a kokárda to wear - it is a beautiful tradition for us.

Log cabin quilt cross stitch pattern

Hello, dear friends.

I have made another quilt style pattern. If you haven't seen the older one, here it is, near the end of this post: http://worldaccordingtoagi.blogspot.com/2011/03/free-cross-stitch-patterns.html (for some reason posting a link doesn't work)

I stitched it - it is a good pattern if you want something that requires little concentration when you are tired or need a break from a more complicated pattern. I enjoyed stitching it. Then I thought I would make a mini log-cabin quilt as a backing piece and make a pincushion. It didn't turn out very good but I still like it. :)

This is what it looks like.

And here is the pattern for you. I simply left the white squares empty, but you can stitch them white or perhaps you can add some metallic here, whatever you like. Enjoy it. :)


Bookmark cross stitch pattern - another freebie

Hope you are all well.
I have been crocheting like crazy lately, and finished a sweater I meant to be a Christmas present for my boyfriend but made some mistakes, so had to take it apart and redo the sleeves. I will take photos soon, promise :)

Right now I have another little, quick freebie for you. I imagined it in blue, but of course, feel free to use your favourite colour. Another little bookmark. Enjoy stitching it.


A free hourglass cross-stitch pattern

You can stitch this little pattern for a bookmark, a card for a re-union or to put on your desk.
I am giving you two pictures. I think it is easier to see the one wit the symbols, since the two colours are so similar.

Grid Size: 39W x 74H
Design Area: 2,07" x 4,71" (29 x 66 stitches)

Legend: Stitches

DMC 310 black

DMC 977 golden brown - lt

DMC 3826 golden brown

DMC 321 christmas red