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Happy new year!

My dear readers,

wishing everyone a very happy new year full of stitches.

Here are some of my plans for the new year - mind you, no resolutions, just plans, and those are tend to change as time goes...

- design and write down (that is the more difficult part) more knitting patterns
- learn to crochet from a chart (never tried, might be easy, we will see)
- do more patchwork
- learn free motion quilting on my machine
- practice hand-quilting more (done a little last year for university)
- learn new embroidery stitches
- weave more

and perhaps the most important:

- develop my fabric art and have a small exhibition somewhere in the second half of the year. This sounds and feels like a big step but I need to take this step. It's important to me. It involves lots of things, maybe new techniques (although I don't want to put a lot of emphasis on this), finding my own style and finding ways to express my feelings.

Here is a picture of the piece I was working on since last summer, but had to put it aside in the autumn and only picked it up again during Christmas.Now it is almost done, only need to cut down the background, bind it, and maybe add a few small details. Right now it is just hanging in my living room so I can see it a lot and let my feelings vibrate around it to see how I want it to be. Haven't got a name for it yet...

I also want to continue writing on this blog, hopefully more often, to record my work. I hope many of you will come along with me on this journey. There will be more cross stitch (and perhaps other) patterns published for you guys, too.

Once again, happy new year.