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If you wish to use my patterns to stitch for charity, please, let me know.


Going for a holiday

Hi, friends,

I am going away for a holiday, kind of. Going home to Hungary, so half of it will be all kinds of official appointments, but I hope to have some time to relax and meet friends and of course, my daughter.

That means I won't be blogging for about two weeks. I am not sure if I will have any internet time at all. Just so you don't get too impatient ;), here is a free pattern, you can stitch it by the time I am back. Looking forward to it.

Have a lovely summer, everyone, see you later. Hugs



Free cross stitch pattern - recipe book cover

I have designed this cross stitch pattern because I would like to make a recipe book at some point - when I have done all the other things on my to-do list :).
It is monochrome, so you can pick your own colour, or use a variegated thread.
It can also be used for a photo-album or a scrapbook.

I included an alphabet so you can customise it.

Have fun stitching it and please, send me a photo if you do.


Two cross stitch finishes

I have been stitching a lot recently. Here are the two things I have finished:

One is a freebie from this site:

The other is my own pattern, here is the "original" and the stitched version. This is the belltower in Rasbokil, the parish I live in Sweden. It is so beautiful, I have long wanted to make it into a cross stitch.


I am sewing clothes!!!

Yeah! I have done it! :D :D

I didn't know how to sew clothes. I have done a lot of adjustments, hemming and things like that, have made curtains and cushions but I have always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes.
So a few weeks ago I started. First I made myself a 3-layered skirt. It was really easy. I followed this tutorial with my own measurements, naturally.

The fabric was a thrifted sheet, the cover-type and it was so nice that it had coordinating fabric on the two sides, I didn't have to worry about whether they go well together or not :) . It is quite see-through though, so I added lining and I am really proud that it worked.

(Don't laugh at the funny way I am standing - it is because I cannot stand straight from the pain in my back. I had to hold on to the railing.)

Then I realised I needed trousers. Unfortunately my old trousers don't fit. Don't ask why, just look at the pictures. :( Making trousers pattern is not an easy thing but then I found this on the internet: how to take the pattern from an existing pair of trousers. So I went for it. Of course, I had to make the pattern a bit bigger than my existing trousers in a few places.

I have a piece of striped fabric I wanted to use but then I decided to start with a muslin and I used another thrifted sheet. It is good because when it was ready, I realised I need to modify the pattern a bit. It is a little too baggy in the front and after reading lots of descriptions, I understood that I have to make the front crotch a little shorter. So I have the pattern modified and ready, as soon as my back is better I will make my final version. But I think I can wear the muslins, too. If I wear a long t-shirt with them, you can't see the bagginess. What do you think? And I am so proud that I managed to make pockets, too!

The t-shirt is "new" as well. It was made from an existing one that was too short, and three others that were too small (two of them actually children size). It doesn't look very elegant but is so comfy. I love it.

Now the next step is to sew a blouse! I have some old patterns and I will try to find some nice fabric when I am at home in Hungary (much cheaper than here in Sweden). So watch this space!
Any advice from more experienced friends is more than welcome!


Midsummer in Rasbokil

Today it is raining again. But we were so lucky, we had lovely summer weather for midsummer yesterday. I celebrated with my boyfriend in the local parish that is called Rasbokil.

They raise a maypole or midsummer pole and dance around it. It was really lovely. I have been having some pain in my back lately but didn't want to stay at home and it was worth it. I even "danced" a few steps. :D
In the evening we had a dinner of potatoes cooked with dill, sil and sourcream souce, and then strawberries with whipped cream.

It was such a lovely day.


Midsommar cross stitch pattern

The biggest feast in Sweden is coming this weekend. Midsommar (Midsummer Night) is a beautiful celebration, I was so lucky to be here last year, too. Actually, this means that I have been here for a year! If we are not counting the week I spent in Budapest after learning that I got the job and had to run home to pack.
I have to say I haven't regretted moving to Sweden for one moment! Love being here.

To celebrate, I made a small pattern with midsommarblomma (Geranium sylvaticum). I dedicate it to Stephen. :)

Hope you like it.


Life is what you make it

Life has been really hectic lately, as last days of school usually are. Also, my car broke down and it took some organising to get around. And I had to send in my Swedish assigment today. I am so tired. But today my summer holidays have started! I am free until 7th of August :D :D

I was doing some stitching, knitting, crochet sewing etc, of course, though not as much as I would have liked. I will show you some pictures soon. Until then I have brought you a small freebie again.

I have been thinking what I can do with the little stick figures I "invented" when I was making a quilt block for my students. I really liked stitching them so I wanted to share them.

I have come up with this little pattern. I hope you like it. Make into a mini-sampler to hang on your wall or a flat-fold or a card. Feel free to experiment with other figures, too.

The little romboid-like shape that I used for the heads represents a single chain stitch, I just didn't know how to draw it but I am sure if you just follow the blackwork lines it will look good, too.

Happy stitching.