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Free cross stitch patterns - with a twist

This is not your typical cross stitch topic :D I made it a while ago when two of my students won the national competition in electronics. It is supposed to be a circuit board. I made it into cards for them.

congratulation card


This other one was also a Well done card for success in an English competition. I hid the words in a word search game. I don't have the pattern for it but you can adapt the idea. :)


This one is a combination of cross stitch and makrame. It was just an experiment, but I really like it so might try some more. I think it is going to make a nice card, too.



Aurelia Eglantine said...

Wow! What neat projects! I love your circuit board card - it looks so realistic! And your wordsearch card is gorgeous! I loved wordsearches when I was a kid and still do now, truth be told :) I'm sure your students must have loved their cards! Both are really wonderful gift ideas.

And I have never seen macrame and cross-stitching combined! Your work in progress looks awesome, and I can't wait to see your finish!

awikkidwomanswords said...

Agi, I love your little experiments. The macrame and cross stitch looks wonderful :)

Serinde said...

Agi, that really is creative, and looks fantastic!


Mia said...

I really like your combination of cross stitching and macrame :) Looks brilliant! :)

alansaki said...

Like this first one circuit style pattern design work.
Cool! PCB Design

MysteryKnitter said...

Well done.