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Heart in rainbow colours for Valentines

Hello everyone,

I have been MIA for more than a month, sorry. I got some silly cold and wasn't feeling very well. I did some easy, mindless sewing but couldn't do much of anything that required thinking or counting etc. I will show you some pictures later.
But now it feels I am back among the living :D and getting more active, hopefully.

I was thinking long what to do for Valentine's day. If you have read my blog for a while you might remember that I am not a big fan of it, mostly because in my home country, Hungary, it is a recent holiday, introduced by flower and sweet shops and is all about trying to sell things, without any real meaning or tradition behind it. But perhaps the younger generations feel different about it.

At the end, I made a small heart pattern that expresses much more than just love. It also has a "political" meaning, if you like: the right for everyone to love whom and how they want. I feel very strongly about human rights, and I am following the craftivism movement (crafts + activism that is using crafts for a cause).

This pattern can perhaps be my first, although simple, contribution to craftivism. Use it on a card, a pincushion, a bookmark etc.

Some practical advice:

Don't worry if you don't have the exact colours I used. Just take out your threads, first choose the main colours of the rainbow, then pick out some that can be transition colours (or you can even omit those) and stitch. Have fun playing with your colours.

I hope you like it.
Happy stitching