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Vicces "Isten hozott" - Subversive Welcome sampler

Már készülök egy ideje, hogy hímezek egy "Isten hozott" feliratot az előszobába, terveztem is egy mintát hozzá (l. korábbi bejegyzések), de jobban szerettem volna valami kicsit viccesebbet. Ez lett az eredménye.
(Amúgy tud valaki valami jó szót a Subversive cross stitch kifejezésre? Nekem a "pofátlan" ugrott be elsőnek...)

I was planning to stitch a Welcome sampler for my hall, I have made a design earlier (see older posts) but I wanted someething a bit funnier. So I came up with this. I have to thank my friends on crossstitchforum.com for helping me phrase the English version.

Well, I had second thoughts. It appeared to me that perhaps Welcome would look better in one word, so I made some rearragement of the pattern. Would like to know which one you all prefer.

Egy megjegyzés. A minták készítéséhez PCStitchPro programot használok, de amikor jpg fájlként mentem el őket, a 10x10-es vonalak nem látszanak, hiába próbáltam vastagítani őket, semmi nem segít. Egy ideig a kisebb mintákon megrajzoltam a vonalakat, de a nagyobbaknál elég macerás. Ha kinyomtatjátok, akkor meg lehet húzni őket vonalzóval, szerencsére a számok látszanak, de ha ez gond, akkor szóljatok, és megcsinálom. Ha valakinek megvan ez a program, és szeretné inkább a PAT fájlt, szóljon, és elküldöm e-mailben, akkor akár módosíthatjátok is a mintát.

Just a side note. I am using PCStitchPro for creating my patterns but for some reason when I export them into a jpg file, the bold 10x10 lines don't show up. I tried making them even bolder but nothing seems to help. So I gave up. With smaller patterns I just drew the lines in backstitch but with the bigger ones it's kind of a bother. If you print out the patterns, you can draw your own lines, luckily, the numbers are given. Or if you think it is too much to ask, let me know and I will draw them in blackwork. Also, if you have PCStitch, send me an e-mail and I can send you the PAT file, that way you can even make some adjustments if you like.


Ana Luisa said...

Hello Ági! Such pretty stitching, and the subversive sampler is quite funny! Well done on your designing. :)

Ana Luisa said...

Ági, I remember you once said you were unable to set your blog to english, have you gone to "Formatting"? You can set the languages there, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on save. HTH!

Ági said...

Thanks, Ana Luisa, yes, I have put English there but some things are still in Hungarian.

Anyway, since I seem to have quite a few visitors from Hungary, too, I decided to do the posts in both languages.

Is there anything that makes it difficult for foreigners to find their way around the blog?

Ana Luisa said...

I have no difficulty finding my way around your blog, although I have NO knowledge whatsoever of hungarian. The colour coding is very helpful, and sometimes I jusy guess. LOL!

Lostinblue said...

I like the welcome as all one word Agi, but that's probably just me. I can't stitch things where the words are broken apart, LOL ... lovely designs though.


Pike said...

I like the lower one, with welcome on one line. What a great sampler! Is this a free one, can I please stitch it?

Ági said...

Thank you.
Yes, it is free, please, download it and stitch it. I would love to see pictures of it when you are done.

Thymedremr said...

I like the version using welcome without the hyphen. Thank you for posting the bookmark patterns. A women like myself I like to try a lot of different needlework. I am a fanatic about doing needlework. I am knitting a scarf for eldest DD, dinosaurs for 4 of my grands, finished a pair of mittens and an afghan for newest GS. Almost finished with my SAL and cover for a small beading mat. I work full time as a prison guard at a maxi male state prison. Lovely work.

pat said...

thank you very much !

Ana - Barcelona (España) said...

Hope you don't mind but I liked it so much that I linked you in my tutorials and stitching blog in Spanish.

Ági said...

Ana, of course I don´t mind, on the contrary. Thanks for sending more people my way. :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Beautiful work.