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Hi, again - the blog is awaken from the long sleep

Hello, everyone.

Not sure how many of my old followers are reading this. I am sorry I abandoned this place for so long.
There were so many things going on in my life that I had no energy left for writing on my blog. I have been unwell for a while too and just recently started working again, part time. Also just recently I got back to my beloved textiles with a bit more energy.

The last few month I was spending most of my time with patchwork and learning about art quilts. I find it difficult to finish things, so I have lots of WIPs and UFOs.

Also, I started an Etsy shop, although there are just a few things in the shop yet, I am trying to finish some UFOs so I can have more. Here is a link if you are interested.

I will show you some pictures soon - I need to sort out my photos. But until then here is one of my latest cross stitch experiments:

I started this when I was not feeling very well. Even following a pattern felt too much. I was knitting just something simple but then my hands started to hurt so had to put the knitting down. I though I needed something that does not require planning and thinking, I can just go on and stitch mindlessly. So I started stitching some geometrical shapes, and I realised that patchwork block motives are perfect for that. I also used up lots of leftover thread. Right now I am filling up the area between the bigger space. I am planning to make a cross stitch pattern from some of this, but even until then, I recommend everyone to give this a try. Stitch a small square. Then pick another colour, and stitch another square. And so on, see where it takes you. It is so relaxing and easy.

Please watch this place, I will be posting some pictures of the different things I made in the last few months and I might even write a tutorial or two.

Until then,

happy stitching everyone!