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Geometric cross stitch pattern

Hi, everyone!

I have started sewing for the christmas fair. I am making lots of things that are hand-sewn, so it is good to start early. Here are a few of my small felt figures:

I have also put them up in my webshop and have already sold two kitties. :D Want to go and have a look?
It is a Facebook shop, I don't know what happens if you click on it and you have no FB account. I would love to hear about if you try.

I have also started my university course in textile. The first topic we do is felting. Here are a few pictures of the things we did at the university, and the experiments I have been doing at home. It is a distance course, with only a few meetings and lots of homework and so far I am loving it.

We have died some wool yarn.

This is the example I made at the course, trying different types of wool and also a bit of needle felting.

This was an experiment: uncarded wool locks woven together and felted - creating a lovely lace-like effect.

Some more experiments I was doing at home.

And even more, trying nuno-felting on silk, and different organza and other synthetic fabric.

And finally, since I haven't had much internet lately, I was playing with my cross stitch program again. Remember the geometric patterns I was posting not long ago? I continued along those lines, and here is a new one: a smaller and a bigger version of the same motif. Feel free to change the colours, have fun with it.

Happy stitching. :)