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Matyóbaba. Doll in Hungarian folk costume.

Legújabb megvásárolható mintám. Matyóbaba. Remélem, tetszik. Én nagyon élveztem hímezni.

This is my newest pattern for sale. The costume is that of a group called "matyó" in North-Eastern Hungary, near my birthplace. I hope you like it. I really enjoyed stitching it.

I am planning to do a series of these dolls. The next, of course, is going to be a Swedish one.

Mérete / Size: 49 x 71 stitches.

Ára: 1000 Ft
Price: 5 Euros


Åsa Tolke said...

I love it! Looking forward to seeing the Swedish one. Which Swedish one is it going to be?

Ági said...

Thank you. I think, the one from Dalarna, but I am still looking around. Have you got any suggestions? :)

Åsa Tolke said...

No, I am no expert on folk costumes.