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Cross stitch bracelet free pattern

Hello, everyone :)

I made a pattern for a bracelet. Gives me some spring-feeling, not that we have any spring here in Sweden yet. Yesterday it was actually snowing! :(

I would recommend stitching it on 16 count Aida or 32 count evenweave, it would be about 2 cms wide. You can adjust the length by repeating the pattern or leaving out some motifs.

Feel free to choose your favourite colours. If you have some lovely coloured fabric, you can leave out the background stitching, although I think in this case it would look nicer stitched.

I made two versions, depending how you want to finish it, you can either leave the ends straight and add some clasp or go for the pointed ends and just add a little cord to tie it together. I would sew felt on the back or add iron-on interfacing, or perhaps sew the same length of backstitch on another piece of Aida and whipstitch them together. But perhaps the folded edges of two pieces would look a bit bulky? What do you think?

Of course, it would serve just as well as a bookmark.

I hope I will have time to stitch it myself soon. Actually, I am thinking of trying out some subtle coloured variegated thread for the background, but I need to experiment with colours first. Do the same and show us what you have come up with!

Happy stitching :)

Update 4th May: I have stitched it and added some felt as backing. The clasps are still missing: can't find them. So typical. :(

I used DMC 309 for the red, 3822 for the yellow, and variegated 4240 for the background.


LimeRiot said...

These are so pretty! I've never made a x-stitch bracelet but I sure like the idea. Thank you for the pattern!

Donna said...

This is a lovely design!! I might give this one a try when I have time, Thank you,



Ági said...

I am glad you like it :)

chasingperfectionxox said...

Brilliant idea!might try a variation on the theme... idea has been borrowed, thanks x

chasingperfectionxox said...
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MysteryKnitter said...

How lovely!