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Crazy Quilt challenge - March block

Here is my March block for the CQJP blog challenge. This is the one I like the most so far. I don't know how others do this, but I rarely have a real plan when I start. I just put pieces of fabric together and see where it leads me.
I think I have already written how I decided to use small pieces of embroidery (mostly cross stitch) that I have made and didn't finish or just used to try out things. In this case it is the little golden piece of linen with the white embroidery in the top left corner. I added a few more stitches to the unfinished piece.

Another thing I try to do on these pieces is to use some of the old textiles I managed to buy in different second-hand shops and flea-markets. Sweden is really a treasure-chest in this sense. Not long ago I found a little silk handkerchief for 5 krowns (about 50 eurocents). It had apparently been torn in the middle and someone tried to mend it very clumsily: folded the corners in the middle and added a patch of lace to hide the hole, also sewed the same lace all around. It was this lace that caught my attention, and it is the thing that runs down diagonally on this piece. A part of the silk handkerchief is also incorporated here. There was such a strong crease in the middle that I couldn't iron it out. So I decided to sew it down - that is the white line. Then I added some simple stem-stitch motifs, with different thicknesses. I also like the rick-rack that was a leftover piece in my stash.

This little round thing here is crocheted. I was trying out a tutorial for crocheted beads but I didn't like the look of it stuffed. I flattened it and it looked almost like a button. It was lying on my table for weeks, I didn't know what to do with it. Then the inspiration struck: I will embroider it. I used some white and some gold metallic thread.

Here you can see a piece of a golden ribbon I added as a border between two fabrics and a little spider-web flower.

I also love this green fabric, it is from some old clothes. I didn't iron it before adding it to the basic, I liked the wrinkled effect. I wanted to couch the ribbons but this was so slippery (and the golden one was too wide) that I decided to sew one stitch in the ribbon between the couching stitches. Then I added some bullion stitches.

All in all, I think this turned out more or less as my image of a crazy quilt - some interesting fabric and some simple embroidery - but not too much. I feel less is often more in these cases.
Sorry if I sound a bit too full of myself :) I am really happy about this little thing.


Mammka said...

Akkor nem kínlódom az angollal.:)
Annyira szép ez a blokk!!!Kézműves tanár vagy? Milyen jó lehet!A diákok szorgalmasak és kreatívak?

Ági said...

Köszönöm, Mammka! Életem két nagy szerelme, a tanítás és a kézimunka kapcsolódott össze ebben az állásban, hát nem szuper? A diákjaim 5-9. osztályosak, sok-sok érdeklődő és tehetséges van köztük, de persze nem mindenki. Az is nagy élmény, ha egy húzódozót megtanítok gombot felvarrni. :D

MysteryKnitter said...

Looks like piece of art, if you ask me.