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"A free bookmark a day" week is coming

To celebrate MAY :D - and hopefully, some spring weather, finally - I am doing "A free bookmark a day" week from 1st May, that is starting next Tuesday.

Some of the bookmarks have already been designed, but I still need to make a few and I do have ideas for them, but I thought perhaps you could also tell me what kind of designs you would like to see.

So, come on, guys, here is the opportunity, tell me what you need and I will try to make them. If there are too many ideas, perhaps not next week, but sooner or later ;)

Looking forward to some brainstorming with you all. :D


Katya5 said...

I always thought of bookmarks with famous quotes on them... Or come up with own - say, "A book is a man's best friend."
Thank you for the chance!

Wendy said...

What a great series, I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks so much. I'd quite like a rabbit, but I agree with the comment above, quotes are good as they can also make bookmarks for men.

Ági said...

Thank you, Katya! I followed your advice.
On the Facebook group page someone has asked for a celtic design, which I had already done, actually, it was the first. Then my boyfriend asked for a wood anemony - they are in bloom now. I think I will do that but not in a bookmark - but I am afraid he wants me to stith it, too :)

Well, 7 bookmarks have been planned but there is still time to add one or two if anyone has a good idea.

Ági said...

Sorry, Wendy, I only saw your comment now, for some reason it was put in my spam. So I didn´t make a rabbit for the free bookmark week. But I can still try to make one later :)