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Crazy quilting, crochet and knitting

These are the things I have been working on recently.

First, I finished my February crazy quilt block for CQJP. It is all made of old clothes and leftover pieces. I love the little flower I cut out from an old piece of lace and apliqued it on.

Then, I have re-knitted my boyfriend's sweater that was supposed to be a Christmas gift :( Now the shoulders are ok but the sleeves are just a tiny bit short. I am not sure if I will have the energy to take it apart and redo it again. He might just hang it in his wardrobe and look at it sometimes. :(

And finally, tomorrow is our national holiday, and since I don't have any ribbon with the Hungarian national colours, I crocheted a kokárda to wear - it is a beautiful tradition for us.


Donna said...

I LOVE your quilt block, and don't blame you for thinking twice about re-knitting that cardigan, it looks good. I have done some knitting but have yet to try an entire outfit!!!!

Ana Luisa said...
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Ana Luisa said...

Hello, Ági! sorry, I deleted my previous comment, bad typing. LOL!
Your crazy quilt block is beautiful, well done!
I'm sure your boyfriend loves his cardigan, have you thought about making him a pair of matching wristwarmers, using the same yarn? Just an idea. ;)

Ági said...

Thank you both.
Ana Luisa, what a good idea to make a wristwarmer - but perhaps for next autumn. After all spring is just round the corner now :)

MysteryKnitter said...

You're a master with those blocks!