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Bookmark cross stitch pattern - another freebie

Hope you are all well.
I have been crocheting like crazy lately, and finished a sweater I meant to be a Christmas present for my boyfriend but made some mistakes, so had to take it apart and redo the sleeves. I will take photos soon, promise :)

Right now I have another little, quick freebie for you. I imagined it in blue, but of course, feel free to use your favourite colour. Another little bookmark. Enjoy stitching it.


Emma'sStitches said...

I love bookmarks! Thanks for the freebie. Would love to see the sweater you crocheted for you boyfriend^^

Lynne said...

Thank you for the bookmark. Just found your blog - you're added to my bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

Cute bookmark. Thanks!

Coral said...

Hi. Thanks for the free pattern. See my completed bookmark here: http://seamedup.com/project/kiwicoral/blue-bookmark

Ági said...

Glad you all like it. :)
Coral, yours is so beautiful! Thanks for posting a link to my blog.