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Christmas biscornu

I know we are all busy preparing for Christmas, shopping and cleaning and decorating (not me, to tell the truth, I am trying to cure myself from this horrible cold and taking it easy) - but in this hectic time we need even more to be able to sit down for a while and relax with some stitching.
Here is a little pattern to help you with it, and it can be a good last-minute gift or decoration.



You can leave the middle square empty if you want to add a fancy button.
If/when I have time to stitch it, I will use metallic gold instead of the yellow. You know, we can all do with some extra bling in our lives. :) ;)

Hope you like it.


ashenka said...

Ági, thanks!! I think finally I should make this little thing!! :)

birgit said...

Vielen Danki für dieses schöne Muster

LG und schönen Sonntag


Mary said...

I have made several biscornus, and love them. Thank you for this Christmas Tree design.

Cathy said...

I found you via the CQJP2012 blog and have enjoyed looking at your work. Thanks for the biscornu pattern. I will try it in Jan. I also liked one of your sampler patterns with the saying. My husband's ancestors were born in Hungary.

I look forward to what you will be doing for CQJP2012!

Serinde said...

I love this biscornu, Agi. It could very well be the only Christmas ornament I find time to make this season.! *clappity clap*

Lena Johansson said...

Most wonderful!
I like it!
God Jul!
Lena in Sweden