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Some more little finishes

Hello, everyone,

how was your Christmas? We decided not to celebrate really, just take it easy and relax, didn't even buy presents (only for the kids). Still, I managed to eat more and move less than what I intended.
I am having a bad backache again, and really need to lose weight to help my back. :( I started yesterday but not with much success so far :D

Anyway, I have been stitching and knitting a bit, here is the result. I finished another pattern on my Celtic afghan, this time it is a pattern from a library book, a Celtic Cross. It was originally designed to look like stone in different shades of grey, but I changed the colours so it matches the other patterns more.

And this is what the afghan looks like now. Sorry it is not ironed. I am planning to do four smaller pattern in the corners and then I will see if it needs more or not. Don't want it to bee too much - there are lots of colours in it already.

And I knitted a hat for myself so I have something to go with the scarf I received from my daughter.

I am also knitting a pullover for her in different shades of grey, and I have organised my embroidery threads, among them lots of vintage threads. Will have to take a photo of the boxes and bags tomorrow, when there is more light.
I might want to start some small cross stitch too, tonight. I was looking at pattern books and feel an urgent need to stitch LOL.

I will be soon back with more pictures.
Until then, have fun, friends.


Vera said...

Gyönyörűek ezek a kelte xszemesek... Ügye azt írtad... megragadott a szépsége... Minden jót....
Boldog új évet kívánok és minden jót az új évbe...

Palkó said...

Klassz a sapid! :) ... és a hímzések is szépek! Az első képen lévőt már én is hímeztem :)
BÚÉK Neked is!!!

Mii Stitch said...

That's a nice little wolly hat you've knitted! And it goes really well with the scarf... So jealous of all your snow!! We're having rain, rain and more rain...It's depressing :P All the best for the New Year, Mii x