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Hello, dear Friends.

Today it is the first Sunday of Advent. I am singing in a church choir and we sang some really beautiful songs today. I was so happy because one of my favourite Advent songs happens to be in the Swedish Psalm Book. We sang it in Swedish.

is a really beautiful version of this song by Enya. Listen to it. Hope you will like it.

Are you getting excited because it is Christmas soon? Are you busy stitching (or perhaps shopping :o) for Christmas?

I am organising a mini craft fair at school with the kids, with all the money going to orphans in India. Not only the children but also I am making things so I was busy with that. I will show you some photos next week. I hope we can raise lots of money.

What else? I am knitting a pullover for my daughter, although I can never be sure if she wears what I make for her. Most of the time she doesn't. :( My fault, why can't I figure out what she likes???

I am also making a macrame Christmas tree and trying to write a tutorial, we will see how it turns out.

I have taken some photos of the winter wonderland that is Sweden at the moment. Soon I will also post photos of my WIPs.

Until then, I have another cross stitch pattern to share with you. This is based on traditional Hungarian patterns. The red colour makes it perfect for Christmas, but you can stitch it in any other colour (or variegated) for any occasion.

Happy stitching and get in lovely Christmas mood. But just carefully, you don't want to be burned out by the time the big day comes. :D


Palkó said...

Áldott adventi időszakot kívánok Neked!
De jó lehet kórusban énekelni...! Régebben én is, de valami miatt meghaltak a hangszálaim, egy ének után berekedek, és vége... azóta csak a zuhany alat énekelek, a magam örömére :)

Fidike said...

Nahat, nekem is pont ez az egyik kedvencem, es mi is enekeltuk ma a templomban!

A csillag gyonyoru, köszi, hogy megosztottad velunk.

Nalunk is nagyon hideg van, de meg nincs ennyi ho...

Олька (Aliola) said...

Очень красиво!

Martha said...

thank very much you for this lovely pattern. norwegian stars/eight petal roses are my faves.
i'll add it to our facebook I<3 Nordic group, if you dont mind.
join us if you're on FB. just send the request and I'll approve you.