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Snowflake. Blackwork. But blue.

I was thinking: how long since I have drawn (and stitched) a blackwork pattern.
And this little thing was born.

Of course, it is not black. I imagined it in blue (DMC 3838) with tiny, lighter blue beads (like DMC 3747). Or you can use French knots / colonial knots instead.

Stitched on some sparkly Aida... what do you think? Anyone willing to test it? :D :D

Happy Christmas/New Year stitching.


Emma Louise Brown said...

I'm willing to test it :) Just need to get a Christmas card out of the way first.

Wendy said...

I'd love to test it, not sure if I'll have time before christmas though

Mii Stitch said...

Nice design!!! But I'll pass on the testing though :P

Ági said...

Thank you :) No hurry...

Anonymous said...

Beau, je le faire, en ce moment je fais un marque-pages en blackwork...votre idée est si belle, merci. arlette