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Second sunday of advent

Hi, everyone,

Have just come home from our advent concert with the choir I joined in August. I have to say it is so difficult, especially at this time of the year. We are singing lots of songs that are "common" at Christmastime in Sweden, but to me they are all new. Also, I missed lots of practices because I was sick, then my daughter came, then I was sick again... I tried to learn the songs on my own, but it is not so easy. Anyway, we did all right, although I wasn't very sure of myself.

I am thinking of closing down my on-line shop. I started it in May and there was only one sale. I feel a bit disappointed. Not too much, I never expected to make lots of money from my craft, but still. Anyway, we are organising a charity event in my school, a concert with the kids singing and playing, and all the money we get from the tickets goes to orphans in India. So I thought we can do a craft fair at the same time. I have a few kids who kept coming in one or two afternoons, after lessons, to my classroom and making little things: bracelets, christmas ornaments etc (there is even a stuffed ice-cream cone!!!)- we are going to set up a table and sell them. I will also bring lots of my things: pincushions, biscornus, bracelets, and try to sell them. At least they can serve a good cause.
And then the online shop will just go. Or perhaps I can leave the photos there and just say that I take orders... don't know.

I have been busy this last week, and we had lots of snow, and I had to go to the dentist (2 hours, brr), then practice the songs - there wasn't much time left for stitching. I am missing it, actually. I started this little angel but couldn't finish it. The pattern was inspired by an old Swedish motif but I changed it quite a bit and I think it looks really modern now.

Hope you will enjoy it. I am stitching it in light blue. What colour would you choose?

Palkó (who is sharing my name) has stitched it. Here


Éva Erdős said...

Kedves ez a kis minta, nagyon tetszik! :)

Maria Filomena said...

beatiful angel!!!!

maria filomena

Palkó said...

De édes ez a kis angyalka! Elvittem... köszönöm! :)

Palkó said...

Elkészült! :) Ha van kedved, időd, kukkants meg :)
Még egyszer köszönöm a mintát! :)