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Over 20 000 visitors

Wow, my blog statistics show that I have reached more than 20 000 visitors. Thank you so much for your interest! :D :D

(Not the counter at the bottom of the page, I only set that one up when I already had more than a thousand, so that is a bit behind.)

I think I will do some giveaway to celebrate this, but you must be patient with me and wait for it, about two weeks I think, because I am just about to move to another country.

So, again, watch this place! :D

Oh, and I stitched one of the latest freebies. I stitched Algerian eyes for the stars, I think it turned out rather well. Will be a pincushion one day.


Let me also show you my latest finishes. The baby sampler just waits for the date and weight.
The other one is a Hungarian proverb translated into Swedish and changed just a bit.
"He who likes nature ("flowers" in the original), cannot be a bad man".
I used a French freebie as the border.




Marte said...

I really like the last piece, I love the border around the proverb! By the way, it sounds like something Zoltán Kodály would have said? :)

Lostinblue said...

These look lovely Agi, I love the baby sampler, it's so cute!


Ági said...

Thank you. It was really nice to stitch both of them.
Marte, I think the proverb is much older than Kodály, but you are right, it is in accordance with his ideas. :)