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Getting close to a round number! Giveaway!

Not my birthday :D Haha, no, there I still have to wait a bit for the big round number.

But look at this:

Can you see that red circle?

So I have decided I need to make a giveaway to mark the big occasion :D. I am going to put together a small surprise bag of stitching goodies.

To take part in the giveaway, please write in the comments: Which one of my patterns do you think is the most popular? And which is your favourite?

I am guessing that I will reach the big 300 000 visitors today, but I will keep this open for a few days so more people can see and enter. I will announce the winner on Tuesday next week, 2nd of Sept.

Go ahead and share it, the more the merrier!

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Fidike said...


Jövök játszani! A kedvenceim a madaras mintáid. Köszi a lehetőséget és még sok-sok bejegyzést és olvasót kívánok.