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Geometric freebie again

The summer crafting series have come to an end. Tomorrow I start work again, we will have a week of preparation then the students are back next week. Kind of looking forward to it and not at the same time. :)

I don't have too much to show from the last few days. I finished warping the loom, managed to do the final step alone, but something is not good, so I will have to redo it. Not happy, it is quite a big work, but without it there is no weaving. :(

I made two necklaces yesterday. The first one is woven, I got the idea from this tutorial. The only difference that I put the thread right at the beginning on an eye-pin. I wasn't very successful in turning the wire at the other end though, I need to learn a bit more about wirework (never been really interested in it, to tell you the truth). Anyway, it is not bad for the first one. I attached it to a leather necklace I had at home.

The other one I made using some lovely shiny yarn I had, with adding a few beads. I have seen a few similar ones on the web here and there, mostly made of t-shirt yarn. I liked the concept but was not so keen on the bulkiness of it, so I came up with this version.
Sorry about the pictures, they were made at night with the mobile. Will try for some better ones later.

And finally, I have made another cross stitch pattern with geometric motifs. I hope you like it. Happy stitching. :)

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