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cross stitch patterns. Please, come back often. :)


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300 000 visits!!!! Giveaway - ajándéksorsolás!

It happened! Here:

Come and comment until Tuesday evening CET, which is your favourite of my patterns. Which do you think the most popular pattern is? You can win a surprise packet.

Ha részt szeretnél venni, kedd estig írd meg egy megjegyzésben, mi a kedvenced a mintáim közül, és melyik szerinted a legnépszerűbb minta. Meglepetéscsomagot kap a szerencsés kisorsolt kommentelő (alias zsákbamacskát :D )


Wendy said...

I think the owls are probably the most popular, but I love your bunny patterns best

Ági said...

Thank you, Wendy, interestingly enough the owls are not so popular. It takes unite a long time for some of the patterns to spread, others can become a "hit" in a few days. Hard to know what it depends on. :D

Linda s said...

the tulip would be my guess

Anonymous said...

Well, you wrote that your Christmas wreath was popular, but I would guess that the running bunnies are a favorite...they were for me. Congratulations on hitting 300,000 views. Love reading what you are up to.