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Crocheted jewellery

Hello, friends,
Sorry I haven't written for so long. I haven't been stitching much lately, spent most of my time crocheting. Here is the result. Most of it was done with no written instructions, so I will try and give some explanation how I made them if someone is interested. But don't expect me to write a real crochet pattern, I still have difficulty understanding them, let alone writing :D I am still a very beginner crocheter.


The necklace was made like this: I chained 76, then did two rows of double crochet (By the way, I think I use the American terms, that's how I learned them.) In the second row I increased five stitches. I simply marked the middle stitch, and counted 4 in both direction, marked those stitches, then counted 4 again and marked again. So I had 5 stitches marked. I did two double crochet in those, that's how the semi-circular shape was formed. I didn't know how it would turn out, I was just experimenting, but it did work. :)
Finally, I did a row of single crochet, with a 3-chain picot in every 4th stitch.
To finish, I made a chain on both ends, attached a magnetic clasp, and sewed small dark grey beads on the picots.

The bracelet is just a 7-stitch wide single crochet band. When I had the desired length, I decreased on the two sides to make a rounded edge. Then I did the same single crochet with the picots edging on the two sides, and added a small 4-chain loop at the rounded end for a buttonhole. Sewed on the beads and a tiny button.

Another necklace - for my taste it is a bit clumsy, but I can see such things everywhere so it must be the fashion right now :D :D


This was made by chaining about 50 (cannot really count it now) then doing two double crochets in each chain. At the end I didn't turn the row but went around and continued on the other side of the same chains. Then I did the same single crochet with picots edge all around. Didn't sew beads though, because I though it might be overdoing it. It is also finished with - this time shorter - chains and closed with a small loop and a bead because I had no more clasps at home :D

I also made some flowers using different video tutorials on youtube. The dark blue was made into a pin (I just sewed a safety pin on the back, have to buy some professional finishing things!) and the light blue, with a button in the middle was attached to an elastic ring. The bigger light blue circle was just another trial piece of a double crochet band, I sewed the edges together and pulled a piece of elastic band in it, perfect for a ponytail.



I also made two small pouches for telephones, just double crocheting all around. Not very professional. But he friends who received them liked them :)



I have two more crocheted pieces but they are made as gifts, so don't want to show them before they are received. So more crochet to be expected. In the meanwhile, I will be coming back with some cross stitching, too.


Lostinblue said...

So pretty Agi, you create some beautiful things.


MysteryKnitter said...

How pretty! You can crochet!