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Pressed flower - free cross stitch pattern

It is the summer holidays, so what can a girl do but… doing the big cleaning. I was sorting out my books and old notebooks and found some pressed flowers. Or rather some petals. I am sure the flowers were important to me when I pressed them, but I can't remember them. Probably got them from someone precious. I am ashamed that I forgot.

I tried to make a pattern out of them. First I just drew one petal, tried to capture the shading and the gradual change of colours. It is not easy if you are not willing to go huge. Then I put the petals together and made them into a flower. I really wish my program could turn pattern elements in different angles, not only 90°. But as it is, it had to become a four-petal flower.

For once I did not believe the colours my screen showed me (I have made that mistake more often than I care to admit), instead I looked at my threads and put them together in a row. I don´t have the full DMC set, so I had one missing. I hope I managed to find the right colour for that using the DMC colour chart.

I think the pattern is just the right size for a card. My fingers are itching… :)

Let me know what you think.

Click on the picture bellow to get the pdf file.

Happy summer, happy stitching.


Unknown said...

A wonderful idea of such a beautiful memory (even if it is hidden) to design a pattern. Your flower has become wonderfully, thanks for the instructions. Perhaps it drops one day again why did they dried and if not you have now given them a new meaning.
Greetings Sandra

Anonymous said...

Agi! I've not been over here to see what you've been up to in a long time. Shame on me! What gorgeous patterns -- love all the biscornu-y bits -- and the window hawk is very inventive, plus a good idea. You could have fun with that as a base for crazy quilting, too, I expect.

Well, I shall look in more often!


Ági said...

Welcome, Serinde! Glad you like my stuff :)