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Another free lapwing pattern

Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a lovely time.

I am having a very quite spring break, staying at home, stitching a bit and not doing anything. Trying to reload spent batteries. :)

Here are some photos of what I have been doing lately:

I have crocheted quite a few of these bunnies and chicks and sold them to raise money for charity.

Some pillows with bunnies and a hedgehog, they were also sold.

Birds, not finished yet. Some of them will end up as bookmarks, some as… don't know yet. :) Any ideas?

And made a blouse for myself. Tried to practice how to follow a pattern really well, but it turned out horrible. I stretched the fabric on the bias, and the size was not really good either. In some places I needed a 52, in others it was too big. :D :D Anyway, managed to change here and there to make it all right. SO much about following a pattern. :)

Here is another version of the lapwing, this time in colour. Click on the picture.

Have fun stitching it.


Fidike said...

Köszi, elmentettem. Boldog húsvétot!

Anonymous said...

de très jolis ouvrages brodés et crochetés, bravo à toi
merci pour la grille colorée de la huppe
joyeuses fête's de Pâques
amitié de brodeuse
sylvie maminou

Ági said...


Merci, Sylvie.