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Swedish folk pattern and some WIP

Hi, dear friends.

I have been really busy lately with my sewing machine and other stuff.
I am learning quilting. Here is my second attempt. (The first one was a simple piece sewn together from 10 x 10 cm squares, not very well - I am still thinking to do something with it.)

I was trying to do a log cabin quilt. I cut lots of 5 cm wide strips and started working. I don't have a real fabric stash, absolutely no quilting fabric, only some odds and ends that I bought in second hand shops or got as donation from colleagues. I tried to pick some light and dark fabrics, and started sewing them together. Here are some pictures of the process, but mostly I was too excited sewing, so I didn't take many photos.

As my blocks grew, I had to realise that my seams are not precise and my cutting was not ver exact either, so some of the lines on the blocks turned out to be a bit wonky. After some thinking I came up with a "brilliant" solution - I will make the blocks so that the log cabins are leaning a bit to the left and right, this way it won't be so visible that they are not perfect. Ha! As if this was a solution - for someone who is a beginner!
I saw some pictures and calculated for myself what size triangles I need for the edges. And I didn't have much fabric that was good with the other colours so had to be careful. Of course, I made mistakes when cutting and sewing again, so at the end it turned out even worse. There were even more seams to match.

In the close-up you can see the not-so-matching seams:

But there are some that are almost OK - purely by accident, though:

Anyway, here is the final result - and in spite of all the mistakes I am VERY happy with it. :D

This is only the quilt top, now I am going to learn how to quilt it. I don't have any batting, need to buy something for the back, too. Until I can do that, I will practice with smaller pieces. It will have to be straight lines quilting, because I also need to buy a free motion foot for the sewing machine and buying all that might take some time.

I have also been knitting a pullover for my daughter. It is almost ready now, I only need to sew in the sleeves. It was made, as most of my knitting, without patterns, just improvising. I knitted the body on the round, and the cowl neck, too. One of the problems with improvising is when you have made one sleeve, it is terribly hard to duplicate it - so I decided to make the second sleeve different. Purely for laziness - but I think it looks really cool. I hope Eszter will like it. It is absolutely soft and warm, it is an alpaca boucle yarn from Drops. Of course, since spring is here, she will need a really warm pullover - NOT. But I didn't manage to finish it in winter, so she will have to wait until next autumn to wear it. :=/

And I also crocheted a little cat for her, to go in the packet when I send the pullover:

This was also made without pattern. Perhaps I should try and write it down?

And here is a small Swedish folk cross stitch pattern for you all to enjoy, I think it is lovely. It was inspired by some old patternbooks I have.

Have fun :)


Mii Stitch said...

Lovely work Agi, you've been busy!

Wendy said...

the patchwork looks wonderful, your seams match really well, especially considering you're a beginner. You should be very proud!

Ági said...

Thank you :)

Palkó said...

Nagyon ügyes vagy, szuper jól néz ki a takaró!!!

Rita said...

Nagyon szorgalmas voltál az utóbbi időben!:)

Szuper lett a kunyhós takaró, és ügyes vagy, hogy mersz (és tudsz) improvizálni.

Ági said...

Köszi :)

Unknown said...

Great projects Agi, your quilt top is awesome :-)

Beaj said...

Great quilt top and the sweater looks awesome.
Thanks for the design. :)