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Free bookmark pattern - based on an old sampler motif

I have been playing again with some patterns from the old Swedish books that I bought at an antique fare.
Just so that everyone know, I would like to make it clear that I am not using copyrighted material as my own. I know these is a difficult area so I will try to explain how I see this.

First, these books are about 70+ years old, although I am not sure when the copyright would have expired or how. But most of the patterns in them are really patterns that can be found all over Europe. There are patterns that I see again and again on old Hungarian, Ukrainian, German, Austrian, Latvian etc., etc. embroideries, not to mention Quaker an other early American things. It might be because of this that I "feel" they are in the public domain. In Hungary we say folk art is something that wasn't created by one person, but kind of a common creation: we don't know where it comes from originally, and everyone changes it a bit as they use it and share it. So there are endless variations of it.

Secondly, even so I never use these pattern as they are, I wouldn't copy a pattern from a book here and say they are mine. I use them more as inspiration. In this pattern, what I liked was the very simple form of the flowers, and the original red and blue colours. We also have red and blue together in some areas in Hungary. But apart from that, the overall design is my own work: the size of the motif, the layout, the repetitive element, the border etc.

I hope I am expressing myself clearly. If anyone knows for sure that I am in the wrong, please, correct me.

So, after all this, here is the bookmark that I created inspired by some patterns in an old Swedish book, but I wouldn't say they are really Swedish patterns, more like old European sampler motifs. Apart from using the original colour scheme, I also made a more modern, fresher looking one.

Which one do you like more?

Click on the pictures for the pdf.


Anonymous said...

très joli marque page, merci beaucoup
bel été
sylvie maminou

Anonymous said...

bonjour j'ai découvert votre blog par hazard qui est très sympatique en voulant y télécharger la grille de marque-page je me suis rendu compte que cela ne fonctionnait pas auriez vous l'amabilité de voir si il y a possibilité de pouvoir a nouveau télécharger cette très jolie grille merci beaucoup amitié de brodeuse

Ági said...

Hello, chipieedu59,
if you click on the picture, it takes you to Google Drive where you can download the pattern. If it doesn't work, send me an e-mail (palkoagi @ gmail.com) and I will send it to you. Hugs