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Small Valentines

Hello, everyone,

I haven´t been blogging for a while. Life has just been busy... well, not much busier than usual, but I am having a little cold and it makes me so tired every day. You know, the type when you have no high temperature, you are able to work, but you feel sick all day, having headaches and drop down by the time you are home from work. And it is just not getting any better. :(

Anyway, I have been playing around with MacStitch - my new cross stitch program. To be honest, I am not very happy with it. It has lots of nice features, I just miss the things I was so used to in my old PCStitch. Like the drag-and-drop function. Anyway, I am sure I will be all right with this after a bit of more practice.

Another strange thing is, it doesn´t let you save in jpg format - only a small, thumbnail version. So I had to learn how to publish pdfs on the blog. Let´s see if it works. :) I am using the thumbnail jpg files to link to the pdfs but they look a bit strange, I am sorry about it, will try to fix this for next time.

Some small Valentine Day´s patterns - click on the picture to go to the pdf and download it.

Oh, and I have bought a huge pile of wonderful books again - I will be back with some photos soon.

Until then, please, let me know how you like this new way of posting patterns. Does it work for you?

Happy stitching


Palkó said...

Örülök, hogy jelentkeztél! Jól értem, hogy nem vagy túl jól? Mielőbbi gyógyulást kívánok!
Szépek a szívecskéid :)

Fidike said...

Már én is hiányoltalak! Jobbulást!

A minta nagyon aranyos, és tökéletesen látszanak a részletek a megnyitáskor.

Ági said...

Sziasztok, és köszönöm. Igen, valami megfázásszerűvel küszködöm már jó ideje, nem akar elmúlni. Nem túl súlyos, nem vagyok lázas, és persze dolgozom... lehet, hogy az a baj. :) Otthon kéne maradni pár napig és kifeküdni.

Anth said...

Very cute, thanks!

Fidike said...

Szia! Varrtam egy variációt a mintádra!


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