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Craft Show in Stockholm and an Easter freebie cross stitch pattern

Warning: lots of photos today :D :D

Last Saturday I went to Stockholm to visit Syfestivalen - which is, although it is modestly called a "sewing festival" - the biggest craft event in Sweden. There was everything: sewing machines, lots and lots of yarn, scrapbooking, jewellery-making etc. However, there wasn´t too much embroidery, only at a few stands and those only had a limited range of patterns.
Anyway, I cannot say I was disappointed, I was there at 11 a.m. and came out at 4.30 - just because I was too tired.

Here are a few photos of the show:

This was the queue before entering.

The crowd.

Some embroidery...

...and some lovely yarn. In Sweden there is a huge variety of wool and knitting seems to be the most popular craft.

I took part in different workshops. I wanted to try some sewing machines, so I went to the Janome stand where they had a workshop making this cute little bag. It is covered with plastic. I think they wanted to make a point how well the machine copes with all kinds of materials - and it certainly did. Because of the plastic it is difficult to see that there is some lovely machine embroidery on the fabric. They had a clever little tool with a pin that held the fabric in one place and as I was sewing, the fabric rotated around the pin, thus sewing a perfect circle using decorative stitches. It was great fun.

Later I tried other machines, too: a Brother and a Pfaff.

I wanted to learn some new embroidery. I checked out Bunka Broderi first. Here we were taught how to work with a tool that looked like a mini punchneedle and some polyester thread - it is supposed to have come from Japan. I made this Easter egg. It was fun but I don´t think I want to do this again - I am not a big fan of polyester :D

I also visited Skapande Broderi, and they were doing some tulle embroidery. Here is my work: a portrait in the style of Picasso - I think I do like this :)

Finally, I also learnt a crochet stitch that looks similar to nålbildning (needle binding?). I have always wanted to learn nålbindning, and I will, sooner or later, but this crochet was really easy, too. I don´t have a photo, unfortunately but will do some of this crochet later and then will take photos.

I did some shopping. I didn´t have much money, so I couldn´t buy the most beautiful yarns, but I enjoyed drooling over them, anyway LOL. I did find some affordable yarn, though, that I really loved: some 100 % silk, and some 100 % wool. Guess which is softer? Yes, the wool. The silk actually feels a bit coarse-ish. Who would have thought?

The wool is on the left, in skeins, the silk is on the right, in balls. Both are off-white.

The brown and red smaller skeins are plant-dyed wool embroidery thread, a gift for a friend.

In the back you can also see my lovely new knitting needles from KnitPro. I saw these in the knitting cafe where I sometimes go, and was so happy to find them here. The cables and the needles are interchangeable, and the cables don´t twist. Here is a closer picture:

I have already tried knitting with them, so here is a small sample of the silk yarn. I tried different stitches and different size needles. The smallest looks the best, but I doubt I will have that much patience to knit with those :D :D

As I came home, I was so excited about all the lovely sewing machines I saw and tried, that I spent hours browsing the webshops. I have been planning to buy one for long. So on Sunday night I took a deep breath and plunged in: bought one. And I decided to go for a really good one: a Pfaff Ambition. Tuesday afternoon it was already here. Oh, I am so happy. It has so many functions, it will take me ages to learn everything - but we have already become friends. :)

To practice, I decided to make a holder for my circular knitting needles - since I was thinking of twisting cables :D.
So I made this - it is really simple, two squares sewn together, with horizontal lines sewn all the way across, creating tubes for the cables. It was good practice for starting and ending the sewing, since it works a bit differently from what I was used to.

I also started to sew a peasant blouse for myself but got a bit tired so it is not done yet.

And now, for my newest cross stitch pattern. I am already thinking of spring, so I came up with a little easter pattern. I made two versions in different colour schemes. I hope lots of people will like it.

Happy stitching, everyone.


Mii Stitch said...

Ooooh, looks like you had a grand day out!!

Anna said...

I like it. I have been in the exhibition in Paris. It was really great. I can understand your emotions!