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Swedish bookmark 2

I have been really busy lately. School started on 15th August and I come home so tired every day that I just drop into my bed. I hope I will get used to it soon and have more energy for myself, too.
This weekend I had visitors: my boyfriend´s parents. It was the first time they came to see me. So I had to clean my place, it was high time someone came to visit :D
It went well, we had a nice day with them yesterday. Today we actually managed to get some rest, and I could finish my "t-sirt to dress" project, my crocheted slippers project and did some cross stitching, too. I feel like a human being :D I will show you photos soon, promise :)

For now, here is another bookmark pattern with some Swedish motifs. I am going to stitch this soon, I think. Hope you like it too.

Enjoy it :)


Lila said...

Thanks for this pretty ethnic motif and for making me Laugh!! :D

Martha said...

thank you for sharing this pattern
I'd be glad to stitch this bookmark.
I'm obsessed with Scandinavian art!

September said...


Just found your blog.
Your bookmarks are lovely and thank you for posting the charts.
I love your post all about weaving - you had a great idea there!
Happy weekend.

Robyn in Oz said...

Thanks for this chart!