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Felt embroidery

As promised, I would like to show you my latest felt embroidery.

I have made some lovely key-rings and telephone holders.

A closer picture of the one with cross stitch insert.

This is how they look when opened.

They are in the shop now, together with some older works - there is a small gift shop at a nearby farm where they have a cafe and horse-riding, animal-patting etc. on Sunday afternoons. If you want to buy my things, come to Edeby Gård. :D
This is "my corner" in the shop:

And here are the ones I didn´t make for sale but for my own pleasure.

The following pieces were all made without any pattern. When I started them, I wasn´t sure how they would turn out. Somehow it makes me feel so good when I do this: no limitations, no need to do it "right", I can just do whatever I want - and I really love the way they look. Not sure what I will do with them. All, except Kitty, are very small. Perhaps I will sew them together on a bigger piece and frame them.

Oh, and what is even better: all of them are made using scrap pieces of felt, and I also used the leftover short pieces of thread from other project.

Blue Flower

Golden Flower




tiffstitch said...

That is some beautiful work Agi! And very cool to have your own corner in the store, I'm sure you'll do well. You have a great mix of traditional and contemporary styles. I love the felting, and your freestyle flowers and "kitty" is so cool!

Lila said...

Very neat cases, Agi :)

And yes, when you stitch for yourself there is certain freedom, you just have fun, no obligation or pressure... :) I seldom stitch for myself, but this 'feeling of freedom' is a great advantage.

thank you for the post :)

Emma Louise Brown said...

They look brilliant Agi, I'm amazed at how one can come up with such lovely things without a pattern :)

LimeRiot said...

Fun with felt, yay!!!! Everything is great. I like how you combined cross-stitch with felt. Very nice detail.

Kim said...

I love the cell phone holders! Beautiful work!