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Two cross stitch finishes

I have been stitching a lot recently. Here are the two things I have finished:

One is a freebie from this site:

The other is my own pattern, here is the "original" and the stitched version. This is the belltower in Rasbokil, the parish I live in Sweden. It is so beautiful, I have long wanted to make it into a cross stitch.


Akila said...

They are both so beautiful. How did you make a pattern out of the original? Did you use a software?

Ági said...

Thank you.
I used PC Stitch, but I didn't convert the photo to a pattern. In my experience it only works if you make a really big pattern. I just drew it myself.

fidike said...

A virág kép gyönyörű, elmentettem!

A saját tervezésű kép előtt is le a kalappal!

fidike said...

Virágos kép:)

Lila said...

I love both! It's a great idea to 'immortalise' the land you love in this way, (by stitching the local sights) :) And I love the flowers, thank you for the link! I want to do it myself now :)

Well done ;)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Lovely finishes! Your flowers look so classic, yet the pretty bright colours make it modern. I would never have guessed that the pattern was from the 1600s! And your own design is beautifully done. I haven't had much luck with photo conversion with my PC Stitch trial (still working on the review, LOL), so I think you made the right choice designing it yourself. It turned out marvelous! And I agree with Lila - it's a really nice idea :)

dulcinella said...

Both pieces look great! Wonderful conversion also. Must have been quite a lot of work to get it so realistic looking on a smaller piece.