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Midsummer in Rasbokil

Today it is raining again. But we were so lucky, we had lovely summer weather for midsummer yesterday. I celebrated with my boyfriend in the local parish that is called Rasbokil.

They raise a maypole or midsummer pole and dance around it. It was really lovely. I have been having some pain in my back lately but didn't want to stay at home and it was worth it. I even "danced" a few steps. :D
In the evening we had a dinner of potatoes cooked with dill, sil and sourcream souce, and then strawberries with whipped cream.

It was such a lovely day.


Lila said...

It is always worth to get out on a fine day and enjoy the nature :)
Then a good dinner tastes even better =)

thank you

fidike said...

Szep kepek! Jobbulast!

Szerencsere nalunk is gyönyöru idö volt. A kaja meg ugynanaz, csak ebedre:).

Jeanne Dansby said...

Sweet! Looks like lots of fun!