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An extra free bookmark :)

This bookmark comes on the 8th day of the free bookmark week - it is special because the person who asked for it is special ;)

So here is a bookmark with wood anemone or vitsippa in Swedish. This part of Sweden is literally covered in them right now. I hope you like it. And I think I will have to stitch it for that certain special person :D :D


Here is a photo I took last weekend, although it was taken in Åland, an island that is part of Finland, but the ones covering the fields next to my house are just the same.


mags said...

Loving all your bookmarks Agi, especially this last one - I wonder who it is for :D

Ági said...

Hehe, mags, Stephen asked for it on the Facebook group site. I was teasing him that if I do, he will have to stitch it - and now he actually said I should put together some fabric and thread for him!!! LOL

Stephen said...

Thank you my lovely. I will have a go at it.