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St. Patrick's Day cross stitch pattern

March is not only the month of a great Hungarian celebration, but it is also when Ireland celebrates St. Patrick, their patron saint. I have been to Ireland twice, and have fallen in love with her. One of the most beautiful places on earth, and the Irish are so kind and friendly.

To honour St. Patrick's Day, I have created these two patterns: a little sampler and a bookmark. Hope you enjoy. If you stitch them, send a photo, please. :)


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Людмила said...

В эту затянувшуюся снежную зиму,нам как раз не хватает зеленого свежего взгляда!Браво!

Ági said...

Спасибо, Людмила. Я живу в Швеции и я тоже очень жду веснy. :)

Kate said...

Thank you very much - I like both of these.

Deanna said...

Very pretty! I have included a link in my latest blog post: http://abusylittlebird.com/easy-craft-ideas-for-spring-celebrations. Thank you!

Ági said...

Thank you, Deanna. (Sorry for the late reply, I have been MIA for a while.)