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A non-Valentine sampler

I have nothing against Valentine's Day - in the countries where it is a tradition.
In Hungary, however, it is not. It appeared just a few years ago, and it has been promoted by florists and gift-shop owners. Thus, it is much more about business than anything else. That said, it seems that the younger generation has accepted it so it may become a tradition in a few years time.

Speaking of love, though, I believe that it cannot be exercised as a campaign. Real love is there all the time, and we must make an effort to show our love to those around us who are important. Not only on the 14th of February.

If you agree with me, you might want to stitch this little sampler. If you put it up, it can stay on the wall all year round. :D :D
Hope you find hapiness in stitching it. I made it in red but you can use your favourite colour or a variegated thread.



Kate said...

I like this, thank you.

Diva Silva said...

I agree with you, for sure! Thank you.