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Family heritage displayed

OK, it's not my family, but my boyfriend's. It was last summer when I first saw Stephen's grandmother's sewing box. It was full of treasures. The most beautiful things were the lace his grandmother and great-grandmother crocheted.

I told him he should display them instead of keeping them in a box. But of course, he is not a man who would put out a doily, however beautiful it may be. And the pieces of lace his grandmother left were small, they were either practice pieces or left from longer bands when the rest was used.

I had an idea but it took me this long to put it into action. I embroidered the grandmother's and great-grandmother's names, and put the whole treasure together in an old, thrift-shop frame.
The doily in the middle is the great-grandmother's work, the rest is his grandma's.

Sorry, the picture is not the best, but that's all I could do at the lamplight.


Isn't it lovely?
Go and look in your grandma's sewing box! :D


Wendy said...

Oh how lovely, what a fantastic idea. Unfortunately I don't have any grandparents left. One grandmother was a knitter, but neither did needlework. My husband's grandma has a collection of embroidered postcards from the war which I love to look at.

Ági said...

You could sit down with her, choose he best ones and make something like this. She might appreciate it, and her visitors as well :)

Sue, too said...

I absolutely adore that! What a wonderful way to preserve what will become a family heirloom!

Firefly said...

i really really love this

MysteryKnitter said...

I love this! Wonderful idea!