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New knitting WIP

As I was at home with a really bad backache, had to stay in bed quite a lot, and in a position that made stitching difficult, I started a new knitting project. The yarn I bought in a loppis (something like a garage sale) not long ago, very cheap. It is half wool and half acrylic. So I am making a long vest for myself for winter.


I am making it, as most of my knitted things, without a pattern, as it comes. I started in the middle, or rather under the breasts, with a row of a different coloured yarn, then knitted top down, circularly. As I want it to be as long as possible, but wasn´t sure how long the yarn would let me go, I stopped now, that´s why there are needles in the bottom row, took out the starting row and started to knit upwards. The back is about half done, I am not sure how I will make the front yet. And I want a wide crocheted edge all around, but again, not sure what pattern I will use. If the yarn is not enough, I might go for another colour for the edges, but I would prefer to keep it one colour, this way it can be worn with more different clothes under it.

This is the bottom part. The pattern goes almost diagonally, I hope it will look nice after blocking. (By the way, does anyone know a good method for blocking circular knitting?)


And this is the top:


It is really exciting, not knowing what it will turn into and experimenting with different patterns and methods. Cross your fingers for me that the yarn is enough :)


Midge said...

It looks lovely Agi and you are so clever knitting without a pattern.
Hope your back gets better soon.

MysteryKnitter said...

Such a lovely look! You're one master knitter!