Welcome to my blog. You can read about my adventures in different types of needlework, and I also offer some free
cross stitch patterns. Please, come back often. :)


PLEASE, NOTE: The designs on this site are copyrighted to Agnes Palko. They are for your personal use only. They may not be distributed or reproduced without permission.
If you wish to use my patterns to stitch for charity, please, let me know.


Free hippy cross stitch bookmark - and my first pattern for sale.

I have made some hippy patterns. One is a bookmark you are welcome to use, as usual, for free. I am not sure the colours show up well enough, the idea is that the letters of the word "Love" are in a strong colour and the background motifs in nice pastel shades.


In honour of the European Day of Languages, which is today, 26th September, I made a bigger version in many languages. This one is not a free pattern however, I offer it for sale. It costs 4 Euros.
I haven´t got round to creating a separate webshop yet but I am planning to soon. Until then it is very simple: you pay me in PayPal (benceagi@yahoo.com) and I e-mail you the pattern.
If you happen to want another language included, I can make the change - in that case the price is 5 Euros.

Here is a picture:


I hope you like them. Happy stitching. :)


Kála said...

Nagyon szépek lettek a minták!

Jenni Swenson said...

I love your cross stitch patterns! Cute sweater too! Thanks for following!