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New subversive sampler, based on a Hungarian saying

Mindenki ismeri a mondást: anyám, én nem ilyen lovat akartam. Ìme, most ki is hímezhetjük. :) Sok sikert hozzá. A szokásos piros-fekete színpárosomat használtam hozzá, kíváncsi vagyk, ti milyen színekkel tudjátok elképzelni.

There is a saying in Hungarian: you want something really badly, and when you get it, it is not the real thing, not good enough, or you realise that you actually wanted something else - we say: "Mummy, I wanted a different horse". It doesn´t seem to make much sense, that´s why it is funny - at the same time, it is a bit bitter, too. Now you can stitch it, if you want to :) I made it in my usual red and black colour scheme, but I am curious to see what colours you would use for it.



And a picture of the crocheted hairband I made for the sister of the newborn baby boy. I wanted her to have something in the package, too. :)


Have a good time stitching, knitting, crafting and send me photos if you stitch my designs, please :)

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I'm loving your crochet Agi :)