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Free cross stitch patterns

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Recently I have made a few simple patterns. I thought I might just as well share them with you all. Please, enjoy. Also, if you choose to stitch any of them, please, send me a photo.

I made a few band patterns for a band sampler we made with my CSF friends. :)

And here is the band sampler itself. I didn't use all the patterns I made, and there are lots that were designed by others. I used Madeira silk for it, and tea-dyed Aida.

Some more patterns. The tulip bookmark in two colourways:

Virágom, virágom (a line from a famous Hungarian song):

A Welcome sampler.

A tree, inspired by old samplers.

My favourite so far: the spiral biscornu. The pattern:

And stitched up:

Another spiral pattern - could be a biscornu or cards, or a bookmark with different colours:

The purple ornament:

Three logical puzzle-patterns. I have no idea what came into me when I thought of making these but I love them. I am planning to stitch them for small notebook covers or bookmarks.

Two "quilt" patterns:

A heart:

And some subversive samplers in two languages:

Three more geometric designs. I think I might need to think of names for them :)



MysteryKnitter said...

Those are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the logic puzzle patterns! What a great idea.