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Colouring pattern in cross stitch

Hi, everyone.

I was looking at some colouring books that are so much a fashion nowadays. I haven't really tried any of he adult colouring yet but have bought some and have some lovely pencils, too. Perhaps in the holidays.

By the way, I find this word "adult" a bit funny, don't you? When I first heard it I thought it was something else... :D

All these colouring books gave me an idea. And so here come the first (at least as far as I know - have you seen anything like this before?) colouring pattern in cross stitch.
I made the outlines in black, and you, dear friends, need to fill them in with colours. I think it might be a perfect way to use variegated thread, too.

I hope you give this a try and report back to me how it went.

I made one coloured-in version too, just to see how it looks in many bright colours. If you want to use that version instead, you can download that as well.


Wendy said...

I have a couple. I don't use them much but I do enjoy it. Maybe I'll get them out over Christmas again. thanks for the free chart, it's a great idea! I have seen people use them for embriodery patterns (the colouring books)

Ági said...

Oh, yes, now I remember, of course. They can be used for free embroidery. I have also used a white fabric with black printed pattern to embroider on just as colouring.

But I don't think I have seen any cross stitch patterns with this idea.